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The New Star in Aquila

Nature volume 101, pages 306307 (20 June 1918) | Download Citation



CONTINUED observations appear to indicate that the new star in Aquila is following the normal course of such objects, as exemplified especially by Nova Persei (1901) and Nova Geminorum (1912). The increase of brightness from about magnitude 0.9 at the time of discovery on June 8 to a brightness equal to, or greater than, that of Vega (0.1 m.) on June 9 was succeeded by a steady decline, so that on June 16 the star was reduced to about second magnitude. Nova Persei showed a closely similar rate of fading, from near magnitude 0 on February 23 to magnitude 2 on March 2, and if this precedent be followed, Nova Aquilæ may be expected to reach the third magnitude about June 21, and the fourth magnitude about ten days later. Small oscillations, however, may possibly accompany the general decline.

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