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IN this little book Mr. Pelly has made a praiseworthy effort to help the inexperienced reader of works on fossil backboned animals and the visitor to museums. It is a laborious compilation, suggested by many visits to the British Museum (Nat. Hist.), and consists of a series of brief memoranda, often quotations\ arranged under the names of various extinct animals in alphabetical order. Some of the notes are apt and excellent, but most of them are so inadequate and so lacking in essentials that it is difficult to understand to what type of student they can be of service. A special feature is made of the derivation of each technical name, and in.most cases the original Greek words are rightly chosen but the English equivalents given are not always appropriate to the occasion. There are, however, unfortunate instances of bad guesses (such as those under Gonidpholis, Trema-taspis, and Uronemus), and the author would have done well to consult the old glossaries of Owen, Page, and Nicholson, which he appears to have overlooked. The book is. well edited and remarkably free from misprints, and of a convenient size ' for the pocket.

Glossary and Notes on Vertebrate Palaeontology.

By S. A. Pelly. Pp. ix + 113. (London: Methuen and Co., Ltd., 1918.) Price 5s. net.


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