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    IN a long list of promotions in, and appointments to, the Order of the British Empire, made on the occasion of the King's birthday, we notice the following names of men who have been honoured for scientific services in connection with the war:—Knights Commanders (K.B.E.): Col. H. E. F Goold-Adams, late Controller, Munitions Inventions Department; Mr. Horace Darwin, F.R.S., chairman, Cambridge Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., member of Munitions Inventions Department Panel; Lt.-Col. A. G. Hadcock, F.R.S., managing director, Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth and Co., Ltd:; Dr. A. C. Houston, director of Water Examinations, Metropolitan Water Board; Mr. H. D. McGowan, managing director of Nobel's Explosive Co., Ltd.; Prof. T. H. Middleton, Deputy,Director-General, Food Production Department, Board of Agriculture; Col. Sir Frederic L. Nathan, chairman, Standing Committee on the Causes of Explosions at Government and Controlled Factories, Ministry of Munitions, chairman Advisory Committee on Alcohol Supplies for War Purposes; Mr. A. Nimmo, president, Mining Association of Great Britain, chairman Board of Trade Committee on the Coal Trade after the War, member Central Coal and Coke Supplies Committee; Admiral Sir Richard H. Peirse, Naval Member of the Central Committee of the Board of Invention and Research, Mr. P. L. D. Perry, Director of Mechanical Warfare, Ministry of Munitions; Mr. J. W. Restler, chairman, Metropolitan Munitions Committee, chief engineer Metropolitan Water Board. Commanders (C.B.E.): Prof. E. C. C. Baly, F.R.S., professor of chemistry, Liverpool University, Deputy Inspector of High Explosives, Liverpool Area; Dr. J. Barcroft, F.R.S., Superintendent of Physiological Investigations, Chemical Warfare Department, Ministry of Munitions; Mr. Conrad Beck, president, British Optical Instrument Manufacturers' Association; Dr. H. N. Dickson, professor of geography, University College, Reading, Head of Geographical Section, Naval Intelligence Division, Admiralty; Prof. H. B. Dixon, F.R.S., professor of chemistry, Manchester University; Prof. A. S. Eve, F.R.S., Resident Director of Research, Admiralty Experimental Station, Parkeston; Prof. E. C. K. Gonner, professor of economic science, Liverpool University, Director of Statistics, Ministry of Food; Mr. C. H. Wordingham, president, Institution of Electrical Engineers, Director of Electrical Engineering, Admiralty. The list of several hundreds of Officers of the Order (O.B.E.), published on June 7, includes the names of a number of men of science.

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