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Galvanometric Records of Emotivity

Nature volume 101, page 214 (16 May 1918) | Download Citation



IN the correspondence columns of the issue of the Lancet for February 23, Dr. A. D. Waller described some very interesting results which he had obtained by the study of the At emotive response V or “psycho-galvanic reflex” on various individuals. If, by means of electrodes applied to the dorsum and palm of the hand, a subject be connected in series with two Leclancho cells and a galvanometer, an emotive response is shown by the deflection of the latter, not only to physical stimuli such as burning, unexpected noise, smell (e.g. a poison gas), but also to psychical stimuli such as apprehension, questions, and thoughts, pleasant or unpleasant. The normal resistance between the back and the palm of the hand is between 10,000 and 40,000 ohms.

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