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A Traveller in Lapland

Nature volume 100, pages 325326 (27 December 1917) | Download Citation



MR. HEDGES BUTLER is a specialist in Unusual modes of travel, and may well be proud of his pioneer work in systematic journeys through the air. Most visitors t o Lapland would select the long days of summer, when the heat may prove excessive and the mosquitoes are “a veritable plague.” Mr. Butler points out that the best time to start is about the end of March, and he gives pictures of Ki-runa railway station, and the romantic little platform at Polcirkel, piled about with snow. When he gets as far north as he can by the steamer or the Narvik railway, he casts aside all British prejudices as to hours of meals and clothing; he dines and dresses like his Lapp companions, sleeps with them in a skin tent when there is no rest-house, and occasionally passes the night in a burrow in the snow. His friendliness with the people smooths away the difficulties of journeys by the boat-like sledges or on skis, and he is always ready to emphasise his happiness rather than his discomfort. In reading his book, we seem admitted to the pleasure of his companionship.

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