The Egyptian Oil Field


THE Egyptian oilfield occurs along the western coast of the southern end of the Gulf of Suez, and, being beside a great ocean highway, is in a most convenient position tor an oilfield, and where mining operations should throw light on some interesting geological problems. Dr. Hume writes on this field with high authority and intimate knowledge; his information and conclusions are, however, often indefinite, and his report has that air of detachment from practical applications which has been responsible for much of the distrust of geology felt among mining engineers. The author is no doubt wise to avoid unnecessary trespass on the field of the engineer, and his report is on the region and not on the oilfield alone. It would, however, have been even more useful if it had included statistics of the oil yields and information as to the quality of the oil, and if the author had not declined to express any opinion on the future of the field.

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G., J. The Egyptian Oil Field. Nature 100, 74 (1917).

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