The Resources and Production of Iron and other Metalliferous Ores


    IN order to meet what has apparently been a want both to those engaged in the iron and steel industry and to those who are interested in obtaining knowledge of the mineral resources on which the industry mainly depends, the Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has thought it desirable that a report should be compiled summarising the latest information available regarding the iron-ore resources of the United Kingdom, as well as those of other countries. Although a vast amount of information has been published from time to time, it exists mostly in the form of reports and monographs scattered throughout the Proceedings of technical and scientific societies and in the very valuable publications of the Geological Surveys and Mines Departments of this country and of the principal Dominions of the British Empire; also in those of other countries, particularly the United States. Consequently much time and labour have to be spent in searching for the literature on the subject.

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    The Resources and Production of Iron and other Metalliferous Ores. Nature 100, 68–69 (1917).

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