A Group of Fossil Plants 1


THE publication of Mr. Wieland's first volume in 1906 was an event of great importance which had a wide influence on botanical research. The author gave an account of the floral and vegetative morphology of several species of Cycadeoidea, a genus represented in Upper jrassic and Lower Cretaceous strata in many parts of the world, but nowhere on so large a scale as in the United States, where hundreds of well-preserved trunks have been found. Though agreeing generally in habit and in most anatomical features with recent Cycads, Cycadeoidea is characterised by reproductive shoots of a type far removed from that of the existing members of the Cycadacere. The work accomplished by European investigators since Wielands first volume was published is summarised in the present volume, which also contains many new facts and amplifies the earlier descriptions; it also includes some account of the authors Mexican expedition in 1909-10, which yielded a rich harvest of Liassic Cycadean fossils. Incident ally Mr. Wieland emphasises the importance of personal observation in the field, and gives salutary advice to many of us who have neglected this part of a palæcobotanist's duties. He directs attention to the short sighted policy of some museum authorities in refusing to allow their specimens to be disfigured by the lapidarys wheel.


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