Aiming with the Rifle

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SO many people are now learning to shoot with the rifle that it is profitable to consider some of the difficulties they are likely to meet with. These difficulties become greater as the age of the learner increases, and they may be minimised or accentuated by the lighting of the range at which the learner practises, A discussion of the lighting of rifle ranges, which took place at the monthly meeting of the Illuminating Engineering Society on May 18, shows very clearly that the existing conditions place artificial obstacles in the way of the learner; and it may fairly be contended that these obstacles never would have arisen, and the path of the learner would have been considerably smoothed, if certain optical principles had been recognised and utilised. Mr. A. P. Trotter, who opened the discussion, gave a very clear account of the difficulties encountered by a man of middle age when he attempts to shoot at one of the many indoor ranges which have recently been opened; it has appeared to me to be worth while to attempt to explain some of these difficulties, in order that those which are avoidable may be eliminated.

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EDSER, E. Aiming with the Rifle . Nature 95, 462–465 (1915) doi:10.1038/095462b0

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