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    COMET NOTES.—An ephemeris of comet 1915a (Mellish) is published in the Astronomische Nachrichten, No. 4802, being a continuation of that published in No. 4801. It gives the magnitude as 5·5 on July 2, the brilliancy decreasing steadily afterwards. The comet will be a conspicuous object in July for southern observers, but its large southern declination during that month renders it unfavourable for observation in higher latitudes. Fortunately the southern declination will rapidly decrease, and the comet will be again visible in these latitudes. Dr. Crommelin, writing in Knowledge for June, hopes that it may still be a naked-eye object. The orbit, he says, “shows a slight resemblance to that of comet 1748 II., which was seen only on May 19, 20, and 22, in 1748, so that the elements are not very well known. Identity of the two comets is perhaps just possible, but not probable.” A continuation of the ephemeris of the periodic comet Tempel 2 is also printed in Astronomische Nachrichten No. 4802, giving positions down to the end of next August.

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