The Electron Theory of Matter

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THIS book is based on a series of lectures delivered by Prof. Richardson at the University of Princeton, and gives a general survey of the electron theory. The book starts with an account of the elementary principles of the theory of electricity and magnetism, and a discussion of phenomena which can be explained on the general Maxwell theory. From this we are gradually led to the discussion of such phenomena as dispersion and selective absorption, which have first found satisfactory explanations on the electron theory. Next follows a closer account of the theory of the mechanics of electrons, containing detailed considerations of the problems of electromagnetic mass, the radiation from an accelerated electron, and the properties of moving systems. This part ends with a brief account of the principles of the theory of relativity. After this we return again to the consideration of the general properties of matter, and the results deduced in the preceding chapters are employed in a discussion of the bearing of the electron theory on the problems of temperature radiation, magnetism, and the theory of metallic conduction. Finally, after an account of the theories of spectroscopic phenomena and the phenomena of radio-activity and X-rays, we are led into a discussion of the theories of the constitution of the atom.

The Electron Theory of Matter.

By Prof. O. W. Richardson. Pp. vi + 612. (Cambridge: At the University Press, 1914.) Price 18s. net.

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B., N. The Electron Theory of Matter . Nature 95, 420–421 (1915) doi:10.1038/095420a0

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