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    LONDON. Zoological Society, May 25.—Prof. E. W. MacBride, vice-president, in the chair.—S. Hirst: A minute blood-sucking mite belonging to the family Gamasidae. The mite was found on Couper's snake in the Society's Gardens, and is described as a new species of the genus Ichoronyssus.—H. R. Hogg: The spiders of the family Salticidae, collected in. Dutch New Guinea by the British Ornithologists'' Union and Wollaston expeditions. One new genus and eleven new species were described.—G. A. Boulenger: The snakes of Madagascar, Comoro, Mascarenes, and Seychelles. The fauna of these islands is remarkable for the absence of snakes dangerously poisonous to man, with the exception of two sea-snakes known from the western part of the Indian Ocean. The paper contained a complete list of the species known to inhabit these islands, with keys to the identification of the genera and species.—Dr. F. E. Beddard: Toenia tauricollis of Chapman and on the genus Chapmannia. Dr. P. Chalmers Mitchell: The anatomy of the Gruiform birds, Aramus giganteus, Bonap., and Rhinochetus kagu. It was shown that A. giganteus resembled A. scolopaceus very closely in the details of its muscular and bony anatomy, and that the genus Aramus, in these respects, was very close to the true cranes.

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