Agricultural Research at the Rothamsted Experimental Station 1

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    THE Rothamsted Experimental Station was for A many years entirely supported by the generosity of its founder, the late Sir John Lawes, but latterly, as one of the institutes for agricultural research to which grants are made from the Development Fund, has been able considerably to extend the scope of its operations. Thanks to this assistance and to numerous private benefactions, the station has been able to enter into occupation of the Home Farm at Rothamsted, giving it scope for the desired increase in its field-work, and of a range of new laboratories, now nearing completion, that will compare favourably with those of any other institution of a similar nature. The day is past when a chemist alone could supply all the science an agricultural experiment station could be supposed to need; chemistry itself has become differentiated, and some of the agricultural problems demand the specialisation of an organic as others of a physical chemist over and above the purely analytical work that still constitutes so much of the routine of such a station. Biological questions are aJso involved, so that we see on the enlarged staff of the Rothamsted Station bacteriologists, botanists, and a protozoologist.

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