Poisonous Gases in Warfare and their Antidotes

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IN the Concise Oxford Dictionary a “Stinkball” is defined as “a vessel containing explosives, etc., generating noxious vapours, used formerly in naval warfare and still by Eastern pirates.” The Germans have shown the world how science may be degraded in its application to the purposes of the pirate, and our military commanders have now to deal with a new weapon previously unheard of in the field. Steps have already been taken to provide protection for our men, but a survey of the whole question of the composition and the properties of the gases which have been or are likely to be used may be of service at the present time.

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TILDEN, W. Poisonous Gases in Warfare and their Antidotes . Nature 95, 395–397 (1915) doi:10.1038/095395c0

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