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    OBSERVATIONS OF NEBULAE AT THE HELWAN OBSERVATORY.—Mr. H. Knox Shaw describes in Bulletin No. 15 of the Helwan Observatory the observations made with the Reynolds reflector up to the end of September of last year, this paper being a continuation of that published in Bulletin No. 9. This work is described as being somewhat of a reconnaissance to see which nebulae would repay photographing with long exposures when the new Ritchey 30-in. mirror is mounted. The paper gives a list of the nebulae observed, and also one of thirty-one new nebulae confirmations of which have been made by second photographs in each case. Referring to N.G.C. 6729, the nebulae attached to the variable star R. Coronas, Aust., the author states that this nebula is certainly variable, and the question as to how its variability is connected with that of the star is being studied, and is promised as a separate paper.

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