Dr. M. W. Crofton, F.R.S.

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DR. M. W. CROFTON, whose death was recently announced in NATURE, was born in publin in the year 1826, the son of Rev. William Grofton, of Sligo, a clergyman of the Established Church. Together with his brother Henry, who was two years his junior, he entered Trinity College, Dublin, in the year 1843 under the tutorship of Dr. Graves, who afterwards became professor of mathematics in the college, and later Bishop of Limerick. Diligent students both brothers must have been, for at the moderatorship examination in 1847 Morgan, who had captured on the way all the undergraduate prizes open to him, came out first of his class in mathematics, while Henry headed the list in classics, a double event rare, if not unique, in the history of the College.

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KELLEHER, S. Dr. M. W. Crofton, F.R.S. . Nature 95, 377 (1915) doi:10.1038/095377a0

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