Research in Aerodynamics 1

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    THE work of the Aerodynamical Laboratory at Koutchino is less affected by the necessity for technical work than any other of the European laboratories. It is for this reason, in all probability, that the latest bulletin makes a refreshing change from the publications of Eiffel and the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.—The production of miniature whirlwinds forms the subject of one series of experiments, and the results are illustrated by some very interesting photographs. Rotations, as apart from eddies, are of frequent occurrence in nature; they may be seen in the autumn by the movement of leaves, due to a wind over open ground. Similar movements of air are found on the floor of the room below the intake of a wind channel, and the phenomenon indicates how little we really know of the motion of real fluids.

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    Research in Aerodynamics 1 . Nature 95, 375–376 (1915) doi:10.1038/095375a0

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