The Quaternary Ice Age 1


THIS handsome volume is a notable contribution to the voluminous literature relating to glacial geology. Its scope is comprehensive, for it describes in a crisp and lucid form the succession of Glacial and post-Glacial deposits in Europe and North America, the living and extinct Quaternary mammals, the successive stages of culture of Pakeolithic and Neolithic man, the various theories of the cause of the Ice age, and the isostatic theory of the Quaternary oscillations of sea-level. Much controversial ground is traversed in this wide field. Throughout the volume the author maintains a critical attitude and expresses his opinions freely. His chief aim has been to set forth what he regards as the solid basis of fact which throws light on the history of this fascinating epoch. Hence he discards classifications which, in his opinion, are not supported by conclusive evidence.


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HORNE, J. The Quaternary Ice Age 1 . Nature 94, 451–452 (1914).

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