Effects of the War on Scientific Undertakings


    SEVERAL international or otherwise co-operative investigations of a scientific kind which were in progress at the opening of the war have necessarily been affected by the naval and military operations and the limitation of usual channels of communication. It is not opportune to state the position of some of these undertakings at the present moment, but various negotiations are proceeding, and it is hoped that a means will be found of carrying on work already well begun. The incalculable loss which scientific research must bear in the suspension of the international fishery investigations was referred to in an article in NATURE of October 22 (p. 201). Reference has also been made (NATURE, October 15, p. 183) to the need for a central bureau for the distribution of astronomical telegrams, as was done before the war by the Zentralstelle at Kiel. A few weeks after that note appeared Prof. Elis Str.mgren, director of the University Observatory at Copenhagen, announced that by an agreement made between Prof. Kobold, of Kiel, as publisher f the Astroncmische Nachrichten, and himself, the management of the Zentralstelle für astronomische Telegramme during the present war has been passed over to Prof. Strömgren. Consequently, all communications for the Zentralstelle should be addressed to him until further notice at the Observatory, Copenhagen.

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