“TO no nation, except the German,” says 1. General von Bernhardi, “has it been given to enjoy in its inner self that which is given to mankind as a whole. We often see in other nations a greater intensity of specialised ability, but never the same capacity for generalisation and absorption.” That is the German way of expressing the German capacity for organisation and compilation, which, when it produces works such as that of which the present volume is a portion, performs a valuable service to the intellectual world. The whole work, “Die Kultur der Gegenwart,” purports to be a systematic survey of modern culture on a historical basis, portraying the fundamental achievements of the diverse centres of civilisation in theTr relation to the whole as it exists now or promises to be developed hereafter. The division allotted to the organic natural sciences comprises four volumes, of which this is logically the last. Volume ii., the only other as yet issued, was reviewed by us in April, 1914 (vol. xciii., p. 107).


Unter Redaktion von R. Hertwig und R. v. Wettstein. Pp. ix + 620. (Leipzig and Berlin: B. G. Teubner, 1914.) Price 12 marks.


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