Studies of Tropical Diseases 1

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THIS report consists of the report of the committee (2 pp.) and six appendices, the first of which deals with anti-malarial measures in the Crown Colonies and protectorates, etc., the remainder with reports of the work done in various laboratories. To consider, first, Appendix I. The data in this appendix are mainly statistical. They seem to us to be deficient in two ways. (1) The figures are not scrupulously accurate, or at least differ from other official figures. (2) Information is lacking which seems to be essential to an appreciation of the meaning of the figures. Of want of accuracy, the following are examples. On p. 11 in the Mauritius report the number of deaths ascribed to fever (malaria included) is given as 4498, whereas in the annual report for Mauritius the deaths due to malaria only are given as 4619. Again, under the heading, “Government Hospitals,” we find mala rial fever: admissions 2321, deaths 30, whereas in the annual report for Mauritius we find 3063 cases of malaria, and 43 deaths. The discrepancy here may be due to the fact that in the latter case other than hos pital cases are recorded, but if this is so, at any rate they find no place among the data in this report.

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S., J. Studies of Tropical Diseases 1 . Nature 93, 673 (1914) doi:10.1038/093673a0

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