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THE papers here noted are reprints from the Journal of the College of Science, Imperial University of Tokyo, covering a period of five months, and do not by any means fully represent the output of the Japanese botanists and zoologists during this period, various other papers in natural history by Japanese workers having appeared in other journals—chiefly American. However, they form a fair sample of the large quantity and high quality of the biological work which is being done in Japani and one is grateful to the authors and the publishing committee for refraining from publishing any part of this important journal—except a small part of the outer covers—in Japanese, which is, unfortunately, from the point of view of readers in other lands, still used in some other scientific journals published in Japan and usually without a summary in another language. The articles mentioned here are taken in order of numbering of the volumes to which they belong. The method of publication of the Tokyo science journal is to keep on starting fresh volumes before the preceding three or even four have been completed, instead of finishing off each volume as the various consecutive papers are published; the latter would certainly appear to be the better plan.


  1. 1

    K. Kinoshita : Studien ber einige Chrysogorgden Japans. Journ. Coll. Sci., Imp. Univ. of Tokyo, vol. xxxiii., Art. 2 (November 30, 1913). Pp. 47+3 plates+34 text-figures.

  2. 2

    G. Koidzumi : Conspectus Rosaceanum Janonicarum. Ibid., vol. xxxiv., Art. 2 (October 28, 1913). Pp. 312+12 text-figures+8 tables.

  3. 3

    F. Liebwohl : Japanische Tetraxonida. i. Sigmatophora; ii. Astrophora metastrosa. Ibid., vol. xxxv., Art. 2 (March 15, 1914). Pp. 116+9 plates.

  4. 4

    F. Liebwohl : Japanische Tetraxonida. iii. Fuastrosa; iv. Sterrastrosa. Ibid., vol. xxxv., Art. 5 (March 20, 1914). Pp. 70+2 plates.

  5. 5

    R. Koketsu : Studien ber die Milchrhren und Milchzellen einiger einheimischer Pflanzen. Ibid., vol. xxxv., Art. 6 (December 25, 1913). Pp. 57+3 plates+12 text-figures.

  6. 6

    K. Koriba : Mechanisch-physiologische Studien ber die Drehung der Spiranthes-Aehre. Ibid., vol. xxxvi., Art. 3 (March 30 1914). Pp. 179+7 plates+14 text-figures.

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