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    EDINBURGH. Royal Society, July 6.—Prof. James Geikie, president, in the chair.—Dr. George Philip: Obituary notice of John Sturgeon Mackay.—Dr. E. M. Wedderburn and A. W. Young: Temperature observations in Loch Earn. Part ii. The observations discussed were made in August, 1913, and supplied a good example of a temperature seiche. The decay of the oscillations was very rapid. Periodogram analysis indicated periods of twenty hours and ten hours. Calculation of the probable period from the mathematical theory gave a period of 19.6 hours for the principal oscillation. The records were also subjected to harmonic analysis, and the effect of light winds in altering the character of the oscillation was clearly demonstrated.—D. Ferguson, G. W. Tyrrell, and Prof. J. W. Gregory: Contributions to the geology of Louth. The valuable collections made by Mr. Ferguson were studied and described by Mr. Tyrrell, who gave a general petrographical report. In a further report Prof. Gregory considered the general geological problems suggested.

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