Secular Climatic Changes in America 1

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    NEITHER the meteorologist nor the geologist commonly realises the extent and importance of the changes which have taken place during the “historic period.” The latter is apt to close his investigations with the Ice Age; the former too often concerns himself only with the period of instrumental observations. The intervening “post-Glacial” time is the field of relatively few workers, who are rapidly building up the new science of “Palæoclimatology.”


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      The Climatic Factor as Illustrated in Arid America. By Ellsworth Huntington, with contributions by Charles Schuchert, Andrew E. Douplass, and Charles J. Kullmer . Publication of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, No. 192, Pp. v+341. (1914.)

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    Secular Climatic Changes in America 1 . Nature 93, 617–618 (1914) doi:10.1038/093617a0

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