Technical Education for Fishermen

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WE noticed, a short time ago (May 28, p. 324), the report of the Departmental Committee on Inshore Fisheries, but did not deal fully with the sections relating to education. Some of the recommendations made in the Report are most useful in so far as they direct public attention to the question of the better education of fishermen. We feel, however, that they do not suggest any useful advance upon what is already being done by certain local authorities under the stimulus of the Board of Education; and it is evident that the committee, in their desire to report speedily upon the other more important questions referred to them, did not fully acquaint themselves with the real conditions at the fishing ports so far as the instruction of fishermen is concerned.

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J., J. Technical Education for Fishermen . Nature 93, 615–617 (1914) doi:10.1038/093615a0

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