Natural History and the Ocean 1

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    (1) THIS is a new work on birds by the distinguished ornithologist, Dr. Anton Reichenow, of Berlin, which when completed will consist of two volumes. This, the first, contains a general review of the class Aves, followed by a systematic account of the Ratitae, Natatores, Grallatores, Cutinares (Deserticolae, Crypturi, Rasores, Gyrantes), Raptatores, and Fibulatores. Excellent line sketches illustrating special diagnostic characters are imbedded pleasantly in the text. Each family, with the genera included in it, is concisely characterised and its geographical distribution indicated, while of the species the more important are enumerated often with remarks on those of special interest. When finished “Die Vögel” will form, if not a “handbook,” at least a compact and useful synopsis of systematic ornithology. Unfortunately, like so many German publi cations it can scarcely be said to be “bound,” for with very little provocation it collapses into an inchoate mass of sheets.


    1. 1

      Die Vgel. Handbuch der Systematischen Ornithologie. By Anton Reichenow . Zwei Bnde . Erster Band. Pp. viii+529. (Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke. 1913.) Price 15 marks.

    2. 2

      A List of the Birds of Australia. By G. M. Mathews . Pp. xxvii+453. (London: Witherby and Co., 1913.) Price 1s. net.

    3. 3

      The Wonders of Bird-life. By W. Percival Westell . Pp. 128. (Manchester: Milner and Co., n.d.) Price 1s. net.

    4. 4

      The Snakes of Europe. By Dr. G. A. Boulenger . Pp. xi+269+plates. (London: Methuen and Co., 1913.) Price 6s.

    5. 5

      The Life of the Mollusca. By B. B. Woodward . Pp. xi+158+ plates. (London: Methuen and Co., 1913.) Price 6s.

    6. 6

      The Peregrine Falcon at the Eyrie. By F. Heatherley . Pp. x+78. (London: Country Life, 1913.) Price 5s. net.

    7. 7

      The Holiday Nature-book. By S. N. Sedgwick . Pp. 355+plates. (London: C. H. Kelly, n.d.) Price 3s. 6d.

    8. 8

      The Ocean: A General Account of the Science of the Sea. By Sir John Murray . Pp. 256+xii plates. (London: Williams and Norgate, n.d.) Price 1s. Home University Library.

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