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Dr. Albert Günther, F.R.S.


ALBERT CHARLES LUDWIG GOTTHILF GÜNTHER, whose death on Feburay 1 we announced with regret last week, was descended from a family which settled in and about Mohringen on the Filder Plateau at the beginning of the fifteenth century, his father, the Estates Bursar of Mohringen, having taken up his residence in Esslingen, where Albert was born on October 3, 1830 After attendance at the Stuttgart Gymnasium, his family destined him for the Lutheran Church, and with that view he was trained at the Theological College of Tübingen, where, as a student connected by descent with the Duke of Wurtemberg, he had free education. But science and medicine had greater attractions for the young naturalist, especially under such a teacher as Johannes Müller, so that, after graduating as M.A. and Ph.D., and studying at Berlin and Bonn, he by and by became M.D. of Tubingen. Moreover, he, as a citizen of Prussia, did his share of military duties, and acquired the skill in the use of firearms that made him so good a sportsman in field and cover. He also published an account of the “Fishes of the Neckar,” and a “Handbook of Medical Zoology”—visiting London thereafter in 1856.

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