The “Michael Sars” in the Atlantic. 1


THE cruise of the Michael Sars in the North-Atlantic in 1910 has shown what a great deal of excellent work in investigating the deep waters of the ocean can be done by a comparatively small vessel, when the best possible equipment is provided, and men of exceptional competence and experience are in charge. Sir John Murray's judgment was sound when, instead of fitting out de novo a larger vessel for the investigations he wished to carry out in the Atlantic, he arranged with the Norwegian Government for the use of its fishery research steamer, a vessel only 125 feet long and of 226 gross tonnage, together with her scientific staff and crew. The immense advantage of proved men, accustomed to work together and each thoroughly competent in his own particular line, for the successful execution of investigations of the very difficult kind which were undertaken by this expedition cannot be overestimated.


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    The Depths of the Ocean. A General Account of the Modern Science of Oceanography based largely on the Scientific Researches of the Norwegian Steamer Michael Sars in the North Atlantic. By Sir John Murray, K.C.B., F.R.S., and Dr. Johan Hjort . Pp. xx+821. (London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1912.). Price 28s. net.

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