(1) Per-acids and their Salts (2) Researches on Cellulose (3) Modern Research in Organic Chemistry (4) A Second Year Course of Organic Chemistry for Technical Institutes (5) Experimental Science (6) First Year's Course of Chemistry (7) Elementary Quantitative Analysis (8) Chemical Theory and Calculations


(1) Dr. Price's monograph on the per-acids and their salts is the second volume of a series of monographs on inorganic and physical chemistry, the previous volume (Mr. Soddy's book on the chemistry of the radio-elements) having been reviewed recently in these columns. One half of the book is occupied with an account of the per sulphuric acids and per-sulphates, the remainder of the volume dealing with perborates, percarbonates, pernitric and perphosphoric acids; pertitanates, perzirconates and perstannates; pervanadates, percolumbates, and pertantalates; perchromates; permolybdates, pertungstates and peruranates. The new volume will go far to establish the reputation of the series for thoroughness and utility. More than three hundred references are given to the literature of a subject which would scarcely have been credited by the ordinary readers with having provided material for one-half this number of papers.

(1) Per-acids and their Salts.

Dr. T. Slater Price. Pp. vi + 123. (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1912.) Price 3s. net.

(2) Researches on Cellulose.

III. (1905–1910). By Cross and Bevan (C. F. Cross and E. J. Bevan.). Pp. x + 173. (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1912.) Price 7s. 6d. net.

(3) Modern Research in Organic Chemistry.

F. G. Pope. Pp. xii + 324. (London: Methuen and Co., Ltd., n.d.) Price 7s. 6d.

(4) A Second Year Course of Organic Chemistry for Technical Institutes.

The Carbocyclic Compounds. By F. B. Thole. Pp. vii + 186. (London: Methuen and Co., Ltd., n.d.) Price 2s. 6d.

(5) Experimental Science.

II., Chemistry. By S. E. Brown. Pp. vii + 140. (Cambridge University Press, 1912.) Price 2s.

(6) First Year's Course of Chemistry.

James Sinclair George W. M'Allister. Pp. vii + 165. (London: G. Bell and Sons, Ltd., 1912.) Price 1s. 6d.

(7) Elementary Quantitative Analysis.

Dr. William Briggs H. W. Bausor. Pp. viii + 122. (London: W. B. Clive, University Tutorial Press, Ltd., 1912.) Price 2s.

(8) Chemical Theory and Calculations.

An Elementary Text-book. By Dr. F. J. Wilson and Dr. I. M. Heilbron. Pp. iv + 138 (London: Constable and Co., Ltd., 1912.) Price 2s. 6d. net.

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