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    GALE'S COMET, 1912a.—London urban skies have remained comet-proof for, some time now, but Mr. Franks,writing to The Times (October 15), reports' that he saw Gale's comet very well, with a 6-inch refractor, during the week ending October 11, at East Grinstead. He states that it appeared to be brightening, for it was about fifth magnitude when he first saw it, and was nearer fourth on October 11. On this date it was; a fine object, plainly seen in the finder, and by sighting along the telescope, it couldt by-the naked eye as a misty spot about half A a degree below a Serpentis. When seen on a dark sky-it presented an extensive coma with, a large bright nucleus and a tail at least half a degree in length. Mr. Franks also reports that it was nearly a degree north of its predicted position on October and that the difference is increasing, but it seems probable that he was using the earlier ephemeris published by Dr. Ebell, and not the later one from which we gave ail extract last week. The following is a continuation of the corrected ephemeris:—

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