British Rainfall in 1911.


THE Director of the British Rainfall Organisation is to be congratulated on the volume he has produced1 dealing with the rainfall of the British Isles, and for the compilation of which he has the assistance of 5300 observers. As time goes on the value of the work undertaken is greatly enhanced, not only by the extension of the observations and the greater accuracy of the results, but also by the completeness of the discussions rendered possible by the accumulation of data. The thoroughness with which the work is carried out both by the voluntary observers and by Dr. Mill and his assistants merits the greatest admiration, and is a masterpiece as a private undertaking.


  1. 1

    British Rainfall, 1911. On the Distribution of Rain in Space and Time over the British Isles during the Year 1911, as recorded by more than 5000 Observers in Great Britain and Ireland, and discussed with Articles upon various branches of Rainfall Work. By Dr. H. R. Mill . The Fifty-first Annual Volume. Pp. 108 + 388. (London: Edward Stanford, Ltd., 1912.) Price 10s.

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