The Church Congress at Middlesbrough.


    DURING the week ending on Saturday, October 5, the Church Congress has been holding its annual gathering at Middlesbrough, the great industrial centre of population which has grown up at the mouth of the Tees. The choice of such a meeting-place is at once a declaration and a challenge—a declaration that the Church considers the problems of industrialism to be also the problems of religion, and a challenge to those people who would solve the riddles of capital and labour without reference to a spiritual basis for the aspirations of both parties in the conflict. It is well that any body of men and women joined together to discuss the outstanding difficulties of a common faith should feel able at times to dispense with the inspiration of mediaeval architecture and academic hall and should go forth boldly to conduct their deliberations on the edge of a populous and rapidly depleting coal-field, illuminated with the glare of titanic blast furnaces.

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