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    PARIS. Academy of Sciences, September 23.—M. A. Grandidier in the chair.—E. L. Bouvier: Caridinopsis chevalieri, and the genera of the Atyideæ peculiar to tropical Africa.—Henri Douvillé: The Orbitolines and. their connections.—A. Verschaffel: The earthquake of the night of September 14–15, 1912. An account of the phenomena observed at the Observatory of Abbadia.—Claude and Driencourt: The orthostathmescope or intrument for observing the passage through the zenith of the alignment of two stars on the celestial sphere.—Th. De Dbnder; The invariants of the calculus of variations.—N. Lusin: The absolute convergence of trigonometric series.—F. Briner and E. L. Durand: The conditions of formation of nitrous and nitric acids starting from the oxides of nitrogen and Avater; application of the law of mass action. Nitric oxide was compressed, with solutions of nitric acid of varying concentrations; a general account of the changes noted is given, full details being reserved for a later, paper.—Félix Robin: The crystallisation of metals by annealing. The metals examined included tin, lead, zinc, aluminium, copper, and iron. The grain developed by annealing was studied by etching with suitable liquids and microscopic examination.—H. Jumelle and H. Perrier de la Bathe: The cabbage palm of Madagascar.—M. Chaillot: The biology and anatomy of Labiates with subterranean stolons.—A. Desmouliere: The antigenic bodies in the Wassermann reaction. An account of the effects of the addition of cholesterol to the alcoholic extract of syphilitic liver. The sensibility and keeping powers are increased.—Maurice Piettre: The influence of some chemical compounds on the artificial melanines.

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