Forthcoming Books of Science.


    AGRICULTURE. A. and C. Black.—Ranching in the Canadian West, A. B. Stock. Blackie and Son, Ltd.— Woman's Place in Rural Economy, translated from the French of Paul de Vuyst. C. Griffin and Co., Ltd.—A Manual of Practical Agricultural Bacteriology, Prof. F. Lohnis, translated by W. Stevenson and J. H. Smith, illustrated; The Laboratory Book of Dairy Analysis, H. D. Richmond, new edition, illustrated. T. Werner Laurie, Ltd.—Farm Dairying, L. Rose Longmans and Co.—English Farming Past and Present, R. E. Prothero. Macmillan and Co., Ltd. The Beginner in Poultry, C. S. Valentine, illustrated; Sheep Farming, J. A. Craig and F. R. Marshall; Forage Crops for the South, S. M. Tracy, illustrated. John Murray.—Practical Agricultural Chemistry, Dr. S. J. N. Auld and D. R. Edwardes-Ker, illustrated. John Wiley and Sons (New York). Dairy Technology, Prof. C. Larsen and W. White.

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