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Scientific Memorial Volume, Celebration of the 500TH Anniversary, University of St. Andrews

Nature volume 88, pages 566567 (22 February 1912) | Download Citation



A NEATLY bound memorial volume of scientific papers “was issued by the University of St. Andrews to mark, with other publications, its 500th anniversary last September, and is edited by Profs. Mclntosh, Steggall, and Irvine. The first paper, on concrete representations of non-Euclidean geometry, by an able mathematician, Dr. D. M. Y. Somerville, consists of a description of the most important representations which have been devised for non-Euclidean geometry within the field of ordinary Euclidean geometry, viz.:—(1) the Cayley-Klein projective metric, or representation by straight lines referred to a conic as absolute; (2) the conform representation by circles orthogonal to a fixed circle; (3) Beltrami's geodesic representation on surfaces of constant curvature; (4) McClintock and Johnson's representation by “visual geometry” (5) the representation by a net of conies through two fixed points; and (6) Poincaré's representation by diametral sections of a quadric surface.

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