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The Arrival of Man in Britain 1

    Naturevolume 85pages122124 (1910) | Download Citation



    THE address dealt with the antiquity of man as revealed in the geological record, and with the conditions under which Palæolithic man arrived in Britain. In the Tertiary period the higher (Eutherian) Mammalia appear, en pleine évolution, and afford the means of classifying it into the following well-marked divisions:—(1) The Eocene, in which living families and orders appear and there are no living genera. (2) The Miocene, in which there are living genera and no living species. (3) The Pliocene, in which the extinct species are preponderant and living species appear. (4) The Pleistocene, in which the living species are preponderant, and the extinct are few in number; Palæolithic man appears. (5) The Prehistoric, in which there are no extinct species of land Mammalia, and man is in the stages of culture marked by the use of Neolithic, bronze, and prehistoric iron implements. (6) The Historic period, in which the events are recorded in history.

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