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New Discoveries at Knossos

Nature volume 85, pages 4546 (10 November 1910) | Download Citation



ON September 16 a letter appeared in the Times from Dr. Arthur Evans, describing the results of his excavations this year at Knossos. All archaeologists will congratulate themselves on the fact that Dr. Evans has passed out of the path of politics, which he had essaved to tread, back into the more peaceful (?) ways of archæology. For there were many more things that we wanted to know about Knossos, and one of them has been made clear by the work of this season. The great domed pit, the tholos, as it seemed to be, over which part of the southern quarter of the palace was built, has been excavated to the bottom, not without danger to the workmen. And it turns out to be a great tholos-like reservoir, with a spiral staircase round the inside of it, which breaks off, as in other similar cases, at what must have been the average water-level. The springs that supplied this reservoir are now dry, and no doubt were so before the place was entirely filled up. This was done, as we know from the character of the potsherds found in it, in the first “Middle Minoan” age.

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