The Fresh-Water Lochs of Scotland 1


A PATHETIC interest is associated with this great work. A bathymetrical survey of the Scotch fresh-water lochs, which had been already attempted in a few instances, was in vain pressed upon the Government in 1883 by the Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh, and was undertaken in 1897 by Sir J. Murray and Mr. F. P. Pullar, a young Scotchman who added to a deep interest in meteorological and hydrographical problems much practical skill as an engineer. Considerable progress had been made when, on February 15, 1901, Mr. Pullar was drowned in Airthing Loch, near his own home. The ice had broken, immersing a number of people; he rescued three, and perished in an heroic, though vain, attempt to save a fourth. As a memorial, the bereaved father, Mr. L. Pullar, devoted a sum of??,????. to the completion of the task, so that the book will be an enduring memorial to one who died to save others.


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