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    THIS is a useful and interesting contribution to the study of development, dealing, as its name indicates, with the blood-vessels, and the way in which they are adapted to the needs of the organs or tissues they supply and to the changes which these undergo. This adaptation is divided into three periods, the first during which inherited characters determine the course of development; the third is the period of full functional life during which the changes are the result of functional stimuli; the second or intervening period is that in which both factors come into play. The changes dealt with in detail are not merely those dependent on quantity of the blood supply; but the various coats of the blood-vessels, especially the muscular coat, with its nerves, undergo alterations in consonance with the needs of the tissues. An important section deals with the collateral circulation, and another, by no means the least interesting, with the recent remarkable results which have attended attempts to transplant organs from one animal to another. The value of the book is increased by a copious bibliography.

    Vorträge und Aufsätze über Entwickchmgsmechanik der OrganismenEdited

    Prof. W. Roux. Heft x., Über die gestaltliche Anpassung der Blutgefässe. By Prof. Dr. Albert Oppel. Pp. ix+182. (Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1910.) Price 4.40 marks.

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