Greek Archæology 1


THE “Annual of the British School at Athens” still remains of the somewhat unwieldy size that it has assumed of late years. A return to the more convenient bulk of, say, vol. viii. would be welcomed by the reader; yet it cannot be said of any of the articles in vol. xiv. that any part of them might profitably have been excised. Only the fourth instalment of Dr. Mackenzie's work on “Cretan Palaces” seems rather too long. Still, no doubt the various questions raised by Dr. Dorpfeld's criticism of Dr. Mackenzie's former articles, Dr. Noack's work on Cretan buildings, and the discoveries of Neolithic prototypes of the “Homeric” palace in Thessaly, needed exhaustive treatment. So we are compelled to postpone reading Dr. Mackenzie's views on the relations of the Homeric house to the Cretan palaces until next year.


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