Crocodiles and Sleeping Sickness


    PROF. MINCHIN'S letter comes as a reminder, so often repeated, and apparently not too often, that one should verify one's references. I had read a leading article in the Lancet of October 30, 1909, on the work of the German Commission, but I had not referred to the original report, and I am afraid that the statement that the Glossina palpalis, on occasion, takes its nutriment from the unprotected parts of the crocodile led me somewhat astray as to the exact significance of Koch's observations and recommendations. I am glad that Prof. Minchin has directed attention to the matter. My excuse must be that the article had to be in the hands of the editor within a few hours of my receipt of a re-directed telegram, and that I had to depend upon my memory for almost everything but a few dates and data which appear in “Wer ist's.”

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