Handbuch der Klimatologie


    THIS is the first part of vol. ii. of the third edition of Prof. Hann's “Handbuch der Klimatologie.” Vol. i. dealt with general principles, and we now come to the detailed consideration of the climates of different parts of the world. The volume before us concerns itself with the tropics, the consideration of temperate and polar regions being reserved for subsequent volumes. The author has not confined himself strictly to the area lying between 23½° north and south of the Equator. When desirable he has gone outside this region. Roughly speaking, he discusses that portion of the earth's surface which has an annual mean temperature of 20° C. or above. The isotherm of this value may be taken as marking the polar limits of the trade winds, when definable, and of the palm tree.

    Handbuch der Klimatologie.

    By Prof. Julius Hann. Band ii., Klimatographie. 1 Teil, Klima der Tropenzone. Dritte, wesentlich umgearbeitete und vermehrte Auflage. Pp. xii+426. (Stuttgart: J. Engelhorn, 1910.) Price 14 marks.

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