New Guinea Pygmies

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IN the last number of Country Life (vol. xxvii., p. 797) Mr. W. R. Ogilvie-Grant, under the running title of “The Expedition of the British Ornithologists' Union to the Snow Mountains of New Guinea,” published his fourth article, entitled “The Discovery of a Pigmy Race,” part of which appeared in the Times on June 3. All the information we have at present is that the expedition ascended the Mimika river, and at “an elevation of about two thousand feet they came across a tribe of pigmy people, of whom the tallest stood about four feet six inches, the average height being four feet three inches. Though at present no further details have been received except that they were extremely wild, there can be little doubt that they belong to that distinct division of the human race known as the Negritos.” Mr. Ogilvie-Grant added a short account, with illustrations, of the Semang, a Negrito people of the Malay Peninsula.

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