Highways and Byways in Buckinghamshire


    A COUNTY or a country may be described from various points of view, and in each case the things seen will, depend upon the temperament or sympathies of the observer. In this addition to an admirable series of guide-books, the predominant view is that of prominent persons connected with a county which is rich in historic interest. Of the natural history or geography of the qounty there is nothing, but the human side, which appeals to a wider circle of readers, is presented in a style that commands attention. A few lines are given to Sir William Herschel in connection with Slough, and mention is made of Sir Kenelm Digby, who first brought Sir Thomas Browne's “Religio Medici” into notice, but little more is said of the association of science with the county. Perhaps the mention of Hester Sandys, who married Sir Thomas Temple, of Stowe, and lived to see seven hundred descendants from the union, will interest biologists. Mr. Shorter acknowledges that he is concerned only with the personal element of Buck inghamshire; so while we may regret the limitations thus imposed upon the county's attractions, it would be unjust to apply to his attractive volume any other standards than those of biography and history. There is no lack of living interest, and the volume is sure tocad widely both within and without the county.

    Highways and Byways in Buckinghamshire.

    By Clement Shorter. With illustrations by F. L. Griggs. Pp. xix + 344. (London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1910.) Price 6s.

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