Artrópodos Parásitos


THIS work, issued in 1908, is mainly a compiled account of some of the various Arthropoda that attack and annoy man and animals, or which are parasites or carry diseases. It commences with a description of the Linguatulidse and Demodecidae. Then follows an account of the Sarcoptidae, especially dealing with the human itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei). Several species of Tyroglyphidse are figured, and also other mites. Information concerning the Ixodidæ, or ticks, covers twenty-one pages, and two useful tables of the genera are given. The piroplasma-carrying Boophilus bovis is shown on three coloured plates in adult male and female and larval stages.

Artrópodos Parásitos.

By Prof. Daniel Greenway. Con prologo del Prof. Dr.Pedro Lacavera. Pp. viii + 230. (Buenos Aires: La Ciencia tredica, 1908.)


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