Observations of Halley's Comet


    THERE is little more to record of Halley's comet yet; as a popular spectacle, in England”, its appearance has been somewhat of a failure, and we shall have to wait some little time before the results obtained by astronomers in different countries are available. Some amount of resentment has been expressed in the popular Press at the feeble appearance of the famous comet, but it should be clearly understood that it is our hazy summer skies and the brightness of our northern twilight that are to blame. In a letter to Prof. Turner Mr. Knox Shaw, of the Helwan Observatory, describes it as really a glorious sight, about May 11, far exceeding in its glory comet 1910a; it then had a straight tail 38° long. Yet at Helwan there were only three fine nights during” the first fortnight in May.

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