Warming-Johansen, Lehrbuch der algemeinen Botanik


PROF. WARMING'S book, the concluding part of which has recently been issued, will be received, with interest, whilst at the same time it cannot escape some criticism. But in the latter connection the circumstances of its publication must, in fairness to the author, be kept in mind. The first part was three years in the press, and even after its appearance an interval of two years elapsed before the second and final part was issued. Botanical thought has moved rapidly during the last decade, and any text-book must naturally suffer when produced under conditions so disadvantageous as those under which Prof. Warming's book has laboured.

Warming-Johansen, Lehrbuch der algemeinen Botanik.

Herausgegeben von Dr. E. Meinecke. Zweiter Theil (Schluss). Pp. iv + 481a668. (Berlin: Gebrader Borntrager, 1909.) Price 4.80 marks.


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