A Simple Method of Electroplating


AT a meeting of the Royal Society of Arts on February 2, a paper by Mr. A. Rosenberg was read upon an improved method of electroplating. Mr. Rosenberg dispenses altogether with the plating bath and all external sources of electricity. The plating is carried out simply by rubbing on a powder moistened with water. The process is really a refinement of the old contact method. It will be remembered that in this process a piece of metal which it is desired to plate upon is immersed in an electrolyte, for example, one containing a silver solution. In contact with this metal a more electropositive one is placed, also dipping into the electrolyte. This metal, usually zinc, passes into solution, and an electric current thereby is generated. The silver is then plated-out upon the less electro-positive metal.


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P., F. A Simple Method of Electroplating . Nature 82, 461–462 (1910). https://doi.org/10.1038/082461a0

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