Aged Tadpoles


LAST year I reared about five thousand tadpoles, and, dividing them into twenty portions, brought most of them to the frog stage. As they matured, and the numbers became smaller, the survivors were gradually brought together again into a few vessels, finally into one. Of those which were in the tadpole stage in November, none changed to frogs. They died one by one until only two are left. These are quite health—active feeders with long tails and hind legs, but no appearance of fore legs. Perhaps some of your readers will be able to say whether it is usual to have tadpoles a year old, and whether one may expect any change to take place now—whether, perhaps, like Axolotl, they may not exhibit the power of reproducing their own kind if they remain alive.

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DON, J. Aged Tadpoles. Nature 82, 458 (1910).

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