Transit of Halley's Comet


MAY I point out that at the time of the transit of Halley's comet the sun will be above the horizon at the North Cape? The Cape is distant 18° 49′ 20″ from the pole, and the declination of the sun at midnight of May 18 will be 19° 31′ 42″; adding 27′ 22″ for refraction, the sun's altitude at midnight would be 1° 9′ 44″, and the altitude would increase before the first contact, which will take place at 16h. 6m. local time. The Cape rises to a height of 968 feet, and there should be a very fair sporting chance of seeing something of whatever there may be to see during the sixty minutes' duration of the transit.

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TAYLOR, C. Transit of Halley's Comet. Nature 82, 458 (1910).

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